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An Idiot Abroad

All New Episodes Saturdays at 10PM E/P
Ricky and longtime friend Stephen Merchant send their uncultured colleague, Karl Pilkington, to visit the 7 Wonders of the World. Will it open his eyes or will he hate every second? Check out the show The Hollywood Reporter calls "Easily the best thing you'll ever see on a Saturday night."
Contest: Win prizes if you can tell us "What Would Karl Say?"

Photos & Quotes

Video: Toad For Lunch


Every Wednesday at 9PM E/P
New York City's Obscura Antiques & Oddities ain't your grandmother's antique shop … unless your grandmother is an eccentric. Oddities follows this unique store as it deals in the strange and the bizarre -- both items and clients!
Very Odd Video

Tune In: Don't Miss A Single, Bizarre Episode

Mutant Planet

All New Episodes Tuesdays at 10PM E/P
See how the magic of evolution and the forces of nature have shaped eccentric animals, eclectic lifestyles and unorthodox behaviors.

Puzzles: Squirrel Gliders, Flaming Termite Mounds, and Prehistoric Trees

Video: Mapping Lemur DNA

Top Ten Extinct Species


Mutant Planet: Tasmanian Devil

Meet the largest carnivorous marsupial in existence today!

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Ingenious Minds

Thursday, February 17 at 8PM E/P
Ingenious Minds is a brand new real-life series that goes inside the fascinating minds -- and painful lives -- of people with extraordinary intelligence. Explore cutting-edge research in brain science, and the advanced diagnostics that may help scientists understand more about the amazing intelligence -- and crushingly difficult lives -- of these tormented individuals.

Brain Games: Tricky Word Problems

Video: Artificial Intelligence

Research: Are Casual Games Good for Your Brain?

Staff Pick

The winner will choose from six totally amazing, totally adventurous trips abroad!

Official Rules

Good Idea?

Should We Get Rid of Invasive Species By Eating Them?

Military Satellites Equipped with Death Rays?


Lord of the Gourd
How far can you chunk a pumpkin? Far enough to earn an aerodynamic white pumpkin, or even make it into the Top Ten?

Power Planets
Will you build a strong planet, or a withering junk heap?

Ten Questions

Viewer Q&A with Dr. Michio Kaku
The Sci Fi Science host, author, and physicist answers your questions.

Invention Nation
Viewer questions answered, from where to buy micro-hydro-generators to how to go solar, and more.

Top Tens

Sci Fi Movies
From Avatar to Soylent Green, find out why these flicks made the list.

Weirdest Construction Projects
Wacky projects whose eccentric masterminds knew exactly what the outcome would be -- and proceeded without caution.


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