Senin, 31 Januari 2011

It's a Throw Down Between Father and Son: Desert Car Kings is All New!

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Discovery Channel Insider January 31st, 2010 | Welcome rita 
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Auction Kings
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Ouija Board/Richard Petty Jeep
Tune-in on Tuesday at 10 PM E/P. The Gallery 63 team auctions a 1946 Willys Jeep restored by Richard Petty, a Rock-ola jukebox, and a Ouija Board. When his Ouija prank on Cindy backfires, Jon scrambles to fix the situation before Paul finds out.
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Sons of Guns

Flamethrower and Browning Machine Gun, Wednesday at 9 PM E/P

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American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior

Foreclosure, Tonight at 9 PM E/P

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Desert Car Kings

Wednesday at 10 PM E/P, Ron challenges Jason and crew to restore a 1970 Oldsmobile 442 from his private lot. Then it's a throw down between father and son to see who is faster in the newly restored car vs. Ron's personal 442.

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Scott of the Antarctic: Hero or Failure?
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