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Cosmic Rose Blooms in Star Cluster Photo and More...

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Cosmic Rose Blooms in Star Cluster Photo

By SPACE.com Staff

A bright star cluster surrounded by iridescent red gas looks like a blooming cosmic rose in a new photo from the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope.


NASA Spacecraft Snaps 1st Photo of Mercury from Orbit

By SPACE.com Staff

The first spacecraft ever to circle Mercury has beamed home the first-ever photo taken of the small rocky planet from orbit, showing a stark landscape peppered with craters.

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Are You There, Spirit? NASA's Stuck Mars Rover Passes a Year in Silence
New Views of Mercury From NASA's Messenger Probe
Most Enduring Mysteries of Mercury
Infographic: NASA's Messenger Mission to Mercury
Astronauts Fold 'Extraterrestrial' Origami Cranes for Japan Disaster Victims

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BACA SELENGKAPNYA - Cosmic Rose Blooms in Star Cluster Photo and More...

eMarketer Daily - Ad Dollars Still Not Following Online and Mobile Usage

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March 31, 2011

Ad Dollars Still Not Following Online and Mobile Usage

Despite increases in online and mobile ad spending, and the massive decreases for traditional media like print, there is still a dramatic mismatch between the amount of time consumers spend on various media and how much spending advertisers put into it. Full Article

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IMPACT 2011 Conference
for CMO's & Senior Marketers-Apr 10-15, Las Vegas

Learn from marketing experts how to utilize customer data, optimize & automate marketing processes, & make better decisions. Tracks include insights on:
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Mobile Marketers Must Respond to Cultural Differences

Latin America is a region with high mobile subscriber penetration, even when taking into account the multiple SIM cards used by many residents. Many marketers have latched on to SMS campaigns as an effective way to reach the population digitally, but each country in the region has its own usage habits and preferences. Fragmentation there is a lesson for marketers around the world on keeping local culture in mind when designing their campaigns.
Full Article

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Shopping Cart Abandonment Recovery Calculator

On average, 65% of shoppers abandon their carts before completing the transaction, costing online retailers $18 billion per year. See how much revenue you could recover with an automated shopping cart abandonment remarketing solution with Listrak's Revenue Recovery Calculator.





April 7, 2011, Boston, MA
Principal Analyst David Hallerman will provide eMarketer clients with tips to navigating the video-advertising market, and insights on how marketers are using video to best engage their audience.
April 14, 2011, Chicago, IL
Principal analyst Debra Aho Williamson will present eMarketer clients with newly released forecasts for social network usage and demographics, and highlight best practices and case studies from marketers using Facebook and Twitter.

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BACA SELENGKAPNYA - eMarketer Daily - Ad Dollars Still Not Following Online and Mobile Usage

"Obama pledges to reduce oil imports, protect clean energy" - Daily newsletter from Recharge

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Obama pledges to reduce oil imports, protect clean energy

In his first major energy speech of the year, President Barack Obama set a goal for the US to cut oil imports by a third over the next decade, pledged to protect government clean energy investments and reiterated his support for nuclear power.

Global PV market likely to stagnate in 2011: SMA Solar

Alstom-led consortium wins $64m hydro deal in Vietnam

China to boost solar target and scale back on nuclear: reports

Vestas unveils "epic" 7MW geared offshore turbine

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BACA SELENGKAPNYA - "Obama pledges to reduce oil imports, protect clean energy" - Daily newsletter from Recharge