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What's on the Grill This Weekend? Celebrate Labor Day the Gourmet Way

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Throw an eco-bash over Labor Day weekend: catch master chef Emeril Lagasse's end-of-summer favorites, and don't miss other tips to green your barbeque and outdoor fun.

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Perfect Recipes For A Green Labor Day Picnic

Whether you're looking for a new culinary delight or a spin on a traditional recipe on Labor Day, Emeril has the perfect solution to spice up your holiday cuisine, the local, organic way. See video highlights of the master chef's grilling secrets sure to please every palette.

See Emeril's Scrumptious Cookout Creations

picnic photo
31 Tips And Recipes For An Eco-Picnic
barbeque photo
Top Green Barbeque Tips
outdoors photo
The Green Guide To Outdoor Sports

hamburger bun photo
Make Your Own Hamburger And Hot Dog Buns
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To Green Your Labor Day Green ... Everything
barbeque photo
Make Eco-Conscious Meat Choices

Blue August Spotlight
Ocean Conservancy
The Ocean Conservancy's mission is to keep our ocean ecosystems healthy and diverse, so that not only is marine live protected, but so is human life. Through research, education, and science-based advocacy, Ocean Conservancy informs, inspires, and empowers people to speak and act on behalf of the oceans. Ocean Conservancy

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BACA SELENGKAPNYA - What's on the Grill This Weekend? Celebrate Labor Day the Gourmet Way

In tonight's programme

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Tuesday 31 August 2010 at 10.30pm on BBC Two
Presented by Gavin Esler

After seven-and-a-half years, the American military's combat mission in Iraq formally ends today, though approximately 50,000 troops will stay to train and advise Iraqi security forces.

Our Diplomatic editor Mark Urban is in Washington for us where he has been speaking to veterans about what the Iraq war meant for the US. We'll discuss the legacy of the Iraq war and what the nature of future US interventions will be with Senator John Warner and the Iraqi Ambassador to the United States, Samir Sumaida'ie.

Also tonight, conservative Americans flocked in massive numbers to the Lincoln memorial at the weekend, the site of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech 47 years ago. The rally which was hosted by the controversial Fox News TV host Glenn Beck, known for making racially provocative statements in the past. "It's like the damn Planet of the Apes," Beck said of America on his TV show recently in a segment on pension policy and President Obama.

The US is caught in a whirlwind of racially charged debates in the run up to the crucial mid-term elections, in which Republicans are battling to take control of Congress. Across the country there are heated debates over immigration and the building of mosques. America's conservative Tea Party supporters, worried about debt and government spending too, are portraying America's first black President as unpatriotic and "un-American" for his stance on these issues, and their message is selling.

Hilary Andersson will be considering how the Tea Party has captured many Americans' imagination by instilling fear of President Obama and his promise of transforming America, and asks to what extent racial fears are bound up with this.

The official memorabilia to mark Pope Benedict's September visit to Britain is already on sale - so if you purchase a papal t-shirt, a Swarovski bracelet or a baseball cap the proceeds will go towards the costs of hosting him. Tonight we'll be speaking to Chris Patten, who has been appointed by the prime minister to help arrange the tour, and we'll be asking him about the costs, the red tape, and the controversy surrounding the papal visit.

And we hope to bring you the latest on the revelations in Tony Blair's new book, being published tomorrow.

Do join Gavin at 10.30pm on BBC Two.


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BACA SELENGKAPNYA - In tonight's programme

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BACA SELENGKAPNYA - Bad Choices & Decisions? What is the Secret to Happiness? One Day It Might Be a Happy Pill...