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Hello Berita Utama blogger:
Marketing Tip of the Day:
There are more people accessing the internet from mobile phones than from desktops and laptops combined.

As a Ligginit Site member, I've been sending you information recently on one of the most under used yet vital form of promotion on the internet: press releases! Just one article in a newspaper or magazine can make your phones ring off the hook and launch your business sales and profits to the next higher level.

Last week I described how the ADVANCED PR press release distribution service targets your press release to the right media people by creating a personalized and targeted list of journalists, editors and program directors who are interested in what you are announcing and who are actively looking for information that they can share with their respective audiences.

Find out more by visiting:

You might be wondering... What additional options are available to make sure the media "gets the message" when you are trying to communicate with them? Plenty!

PR Writing - Want us to write your press release for you? We have seasoned professional press release writers on staff who will take your basic information of the: "Who, What, When, Where and How" that you provide and will craft a beautifully written, professionally presented, newsworthy press release on your behalf...

Fax Distribution to All Major News Agencies - In addition to the emailing included in the standard distribution package, we'll FAX your press release to all the major news agencies. This includes Reuters, Associated Press, Times Mirror wire service and many more. Getting your story carried by just one of these news agencies can lead to a minimum of 25 major city newspapers doing articles about your products, services and/or company! Additionally, dozens of other media contacts will most likely also express an interest in doing articles or mentions from your press release as well!

Fax Distribution to Radio and TV Stations - Is your message particularly well suited for radio and television? Increase your chances of getting noticed by those audiences by distributing your press release via FAX to hundreds of key program directors and decision makers in the radio and TV media. This form of distribution is sent in addition to the standard targeted press release email distribution.

Audio PR Radio News Stories - Our professional reporters will create an audio press release news segment based on your press release information. This will sound just like a CNN reporter has done your story! This air-ready news story is then sent to radio stations across North America. Since this "Audio PR" is already a professionally recorded news clip, radio stations receiving it will not have to invest any of their additional time and work to get a segment produced. The net effect is that your chances of receiving feature mentions and press release radio air time will literally sky rocket!

Remember: This distribution also INCLUDES getting your PR linked and indexed on over 120 major media sites on the internet! You'll be given a link to see all the places that the top search engines have spidered & indexed your press release on the web!

Give us a call at 805-270-5585 to discuss how we can help your company with public relations. Take advantage of the ADVANCED PR service with all the quality features listed above, please visit:

Berita , take a look at what some of our clients have to say about some of the services and features mentioned above:

"I actually got all teary-eyed listening to the Audio press release you created for us. What a wonderful job! You have surpassed my wildest dreams regarding public relations, press releases, etc. Worth every penny for sure. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"
T. Roukis, DPM, AACFAS
Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Surgeon Weil Foot & Ankle Institute

"We had over 600 radio stations carry our press release message out to all their listeners... Thanks!"
M. Sylvester
Laughingbird Productions

See more testimonials here:

Whether your looking for targeted ADVANCED PR press release distribution or wanting to take advantage of the many extra features and services mentioned above, I strongly urge you to utilize this service as part of your regular marketing and advertising arsenal. One article can be worth thousands of dollars - and potentially millions of dollars to your business! The rewards quite simply can be enormous! We look forward to serving you soon!


Tom Harris

Majon International
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phone: 805-270-5585
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