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Majon International

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"With all the useless marketing programs, promo gibberish, and empty promises on the internet these days, listing with the Majon Mall Link service has been refreshing and rejuvenating to our web site business. Our Majon Mall Link listing is definitely a "Rose amongst the Weeds!"

Douglas Boisvert

"As an Online Retailer the need to succeed and standout is crucial. You have competition from multi-million/billion dollar companies that leave very little room for the small business person. Majon International has offered us that advantage necessary to stand out in an over saturated market. Utilizing their Mall Link service has without a doubt increased our traffic and resulted in increased sales. The resulting sales revenue totally justified the investment. We recommend them to any company seeking to get the most out of their marketing dollar and position their company site at the top."
Jennifer Lang
Jlynne Gifts

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"Unbelievable is the word to describe the traffic generated from your programs. The investment is well worth it. Thanks for your help."
Ron Sukenick
V.P. Factory Direct Tablepad Co.

Besides having many people reporting a nice increase in their website search engine positions over time... if you ORDER THE FULL YEAR of the Mall Link service we'll also write a professional, newspaper-style information article about your website that will carry a direct link to your website.

This interesting and informative article will also be listed in our "authoritative" article directory! Remember this article will carry another direct link to your site!

Additionally, we will also submit this article to 490+ major web article directories where thousands of people will read them and be able to download your article to add it as content onto their own web site - always keeping your direct links in tact - and each time providing you with a new doorway where high quality targeted visitors will find your website!

This article acts like a genuine and powerful viral marketing tool that will continue to build over time! PLUS THEY RANK WELL IN THE SEARCH ENGINES TOO!

"You promised us results and you delivered. Bugoffscreen received more hits in one month using your "mall link service" than in the previous 3 months, without it, combined. Thanks Majon, you're the best!"

Brooke Branning
Bug Off Instant Screen

Finally, we have a special offer for you from now until January 31st at midnight PST...

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"More than a year ago I took a chance on Majon International. I paid a one-time fee and was listed on their network of malls. It took less than a month to realize my investment with added sales to spare, and more than a year later I am still receiving new visitors every day from my Majon advertising... Thanks Majon!"
J. Shepherd
Pearl Par.

We look forward to serving you!

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Tom Harris
Majon International - http://www.majon.net

P.O. Box 880, Arroyo Grande, CA 93421
Phone: 805-270-5585

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