Kamis, 27 Januari 2011

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Wednesday 26 January 2011 at 10.30pm on BBC Two
Presented by Emily Maitlis

Here's Emily with news of how tonight's programme is looking at 1700.

The off-mic rule:

The school gate heckle today to passing mums was "and how many of YOU know the offside rule?"

And that was just from the headmaster.

Everyone thinks something about the sacking of Sky Sports presenter Andy Gray on the grounds of his sexist remarks.

And tonight we want to explore exactly what it's all about. Has Sky Sports morphed into the Guardian overnight? Was the louche, brash, but unexceptionally sexist Gray fired to make room for another breed of female-friendly broadcaster? And what to make of the move to fire people for the things they say off-mic?

Hell, there'd be nothing left of the BBC...

First though, Scotland Yard says it is to reopen investigations into the phone hacking scandal.

The news is breaking as I write, that they've received significant new information. We'll see how that develops.

The joke that used to do the rounds in Labour circles was that if the Conservatives wanted to row back the surveillance society, all they had to do was get rid of Andy Coulson.

Well, they've done that. And today they've announced the tweaks to control orders which allow them to give them a new name - Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (TPIMs) - and satisfy their Lib Dem colleagues they've got rid of them.
We'll ask the Home Secretary Theresa May what's actually changed.

And away from the bright lights of the interrogation room to the murky undergrowth of the Forestry Commission.

Hundreds of thousands of people are preparing to fight any move by the government to sell off our woodland to private owners.

Katharine Hamnett - the designer - will join us live (and livid), and we'll have the first interview with DEFRA ahead of the decision tomorrow.

Do join me at 10:30pm on BBC Two.


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