Jumat, 28 Januari 2011


There is only one word that describes "the right way" when talking
about building backlinks : consistency. But also you have to consider
that it's 2011 not 2005 and link building is not the same.

It doesn't matter if you build 10 or 100 backlinks per day as long
you do it every day until you achive your desired search engine
results placement. After that is only about maintenance and
competition watch.

There are 4 methods : a) manual link building b) outsourcing c)
automatic link building d) buying links.

Manual link building doesn't work anymore in 2011 because your
competition will build x100 more backlinks using automatic methods.
Better focus on forum marketing for example instead of wasting 1 hour
to get 5 backlinks.

But, if you really have to do manual link building at least improve
your work efficiency by using already made lists of sites where you
can get backlinks and cut the search time.

Example : http://www.addlinklist.info/ has lots of high PR sites
lists where you can place your backlinks.

Outsourcing link building is the way to go if your time values more
than 1$ per hour. Instead of building backlinks you can focus on
product creation, improving your products, exploring other marketing
methods, building websites, etc.

I once bought a service "1000 directory submission for 6.99". It
failed 75%, got 50 emails (confirmation emails) in my box. So be
carefull what link building service do you use.

The best link building service i used (directory submissions, article
submissions, social bookmarking submissions) was
http://www.websitesubmit.biz/ ; best communication, flexible and got
2500 confirmation emails for 4000 directory submissions which is
awesome considering 60% of the directories don't even send out emails.
Also they provide 100% accurate reports of everything, what link where
it was submitted and even at what time.

Automatic link building works best when you have multimple websites
(if you have max 2 sites/products i think outsourcing link building is
more cost effective).

For directory submissions the best way is to get an automatic
directory submitter that is offered as bonus, for example, here :

For article submissions the best results where with
http://mxlink.info/articlerobot ; Got, on average, 900 article
submissions in under 20 minutes.

For social bookmarking, hands down, Bookmarking Demon combined with
my list of 4000 social bookmarking sites : http://mxlink.info/bmdbonus
; usually getting 2000 bookmarks (on 2000 different sites) in under 3
hours fully automatic. IMO the best link building software but it's
kinda expensive. To get the list i use (4000 social sites) contact :

To get more knowledge about link building and marketing you can check
this free marketing resources source :

Buying links : imo forget about that unless your websites are well
established already and generating high income already. This is also a
dangerous method, most of the time de-indexing and loss of Page Rank
is an outcome of buying links.

And, remember, backlinking is an every day activity, be constant in
your efforts and you will see results much faster than usual.

Best Regards,

MxLink Team

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