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Hello Berita Utama blogger:
Marketing Tip of the Day:
Provide occasional contests and giveaways in your business. They are a good way to get additional online sales for your business.

As a Ligginit Site Member I emailed you recently with tips on how to write a great press release that will get your company important media and press coverage that could dramatically improve your business. As I declared last week, press releases are the unsung hero of marketing!


Now that you've learned how to create a winning news release, you may now be wondering what is the best way to get your press release into the hands of the media. Back in 1996, we developed a solution that was so successful for us as a company that we decided that we had to make this service available to other businesses ... businesses like your own! We designed the ADVANCED PR service with the goal of providing quality news stories and press releases into the hands of the media in a way that helps both our clients and media personnel! Today we are industry leaders with our ADVANCED PR service - and our service is even better than ever imagined!

Our up-to-date database of media contacts is now larger, more targeted and detailed than ever! Our media database has just recently been enhanced and we now maintain over 890,000 press and media contacts that are updated daily! Our arsenal of media and press contacts have come to expect great stories and quality press releases that are targeted direct for their unique audiences. Our reputation with the media is solid and very well respected. Advanced PR actually carries "brand recognition" that results in more exposure and media coverage for our customers!

To see for yourself more about this service, please visit:


Berita Utama blogger , The ADVANCED PR service gives you several additional incredible benefits when distributing a press release...

Among these are:

Targeting and Personalization

Let me explain:

Sending your press release to anywhere and everywhere does not work. A journalist at a sports magazine will not be interested in a press release for a new kitchen accessory. This is a great example of why it is crucial for a press release to be distributed to a targeted list of media contacts who are interested in the topic matter of your press release.

Each and every press release is distributed to it's own unique, customized, targeted list of media personnel.

These consist of top editors and journalists at major newspapers, popular magazines, radio and tv stations and trade publications that are all in the same area of interest as your business press release. Therefore, you can be assured that your press release will be sent to those journalists, editors and media personnel that are important for your business!

This distribution also INCLUDES getting your PR linked and indexed on over 120 major media sites on the internet. You'll be given a link to see all the places that the top search engines have spidered & indexed your press release on the web!

Additionally, each PR we send is always personalized to the exact media contact we're addressing. For instance, if we send your press release to a journalist named John Smith at Time Magazine, the top of the email will greet them "Hello John Smith:". This added touch of personalization is just one additional way that helps to set your press release apart from the other incoming material media that many media members receive each day.

I can't stress enough how important some of these aspects regarding press release distribution really are. These are just a few reasons why the ADVANCED PR service gives you the most success with targeted and personalized press release distribution possible... It has proven to get the job done for hundreds and hundreds of businesses.

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Read what some of our customers say!

"... The Advanced Press Release Service is awesome! We started getting calls the day after the press release was sent! We got written up the next day! I have also given dozens of radio interviews! I will use The Advanced Press Release Service for all of our future press releases!"
Robert Wolseley
The Lovegetty

"Thank you! We immediately received plenty of inquiries and lots of press coverage! Thank you for a job well done!"
Dennis Stemmle
No Boundaries Net Inc.

"I wanted to tell you that we had several very successful placements from our last PR release. Also we have just been given a test of 100 stores for Kmart... It also looks like Target and Kids Footlocker will also be on-board by months end! Thanks Majon for Advanced PR!"
Matthew LeRoy
Shoe Clue

To see more testimonials : http://www.majon.net/customer-testimonials.html

Thank you for choosing Majon International and the Advanced PR service! We look forward to serving you and your business! After visiting our web site, if you have any questions, feel free to call us at 805-270-5585 or email us through our contact us form found at: http://www.majon.net


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Majon International
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phone: 805-270-5585
main site: http://www.majon.net


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