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One Town's Story of Oil Boom and Bust

What would you do if you found out your property was worth millions of dollars? What if you weren't so lucky but all your neighbors were? Explore the crude complexities of an "oil rush" in the small town of Parshall, North Dakota. For some, oil makes their lives, for others it ruins them. Don't miss Boomtown only on Planet Green, and get the behind-the-scenes dirt on all aspects of oil with exclusive content and footage.

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20 Ways to Reduce Our Reliance on Oil
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Witness Our Dependency on Oil (Video)
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Gulf Oil Spill: Amazing and Devastating Photos (Slideshow)

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Alternative: Electric Cars from the 2011 Detroit Auto Show (View & Vote)
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Top 5 Worst Oil Catastrophes (Video)
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Offshore Oil Drilling Explained (Video)

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