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So you've heard about how targeted email marketing can EXPLODE your website's profits....but what if you don't yet have a large email list?

With Majon International's Targeted Email Service, you don't need a subscriber list of your own to BOOST SALES through email right away.  We already have quality opt-in lists from 75 categories of people that you can choose to target!  These target categories include ALL 100% opt-in subscribers who want to hear about products and services just like yours, so NO WORRY about any spam issues!

Send exclusive, stand alone messages without any other ad bundles (which can hinder sales)!  Get a direct link to your website in the email message without revealing your email address.  Announce new products and services, special offers, promote your new free email newsletter and more!  Our targeted email advertising service gives you options to REACH YOUR EXACT TARGET AUDIENCE and get thousands of potential buyers and subscribers at an affordable rate.

And to make it EVEN MORE AFFORDABLE....take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER - available only until this Friday 5:00pm PST:

SAVE BIG!!! ---    Send 4 Million Safe Emails for the price of 3 Million (an extra million people will see your message!)

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SAVE BIGGER!!! ---   Send 7 Million Safe Emails for the price of 5 million (an extra 2 million people will see your message!)

Hurry....don't let these email marketing opportunities pass you by! THOUSANDS of interested folks are waiting to receive your sales message today!  Take advantage by clicking the link below:

"I used your targeted email service at the beginning of last February and by the middle of April it helped me generate over $17000 in sales. I used the same service again in late April and it had generated over 2,000 more visitors... Your services and staff are exceptional. I would recommend you to anybody, except my competition!"
Jim Argo
Prosperity Automated System

Don't let this email marketing extravaganza pass you by...   REMEMBER: Click below and order by Friday at 5:00pm PST to reach a HUGE audience and SAVE BIG......

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Tom Harris
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