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March 21, 2011

Mobile Travel Planners Offer Marketers Growing Target

A new eMarketer report analyzes how many mobile users are researching and booking travel plans on their mobile devices, and what the travel industry can do to reach them on the go. Full Article

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Top Marketers Get Close to their Customers
Using Analytics to Get it Done

Learn how leading marketers such as Best Buy get close to their customers using data from every impression, every transaction, every status update, & every Tweet, to optimize and maximize every marketing dollar.
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PR Pros Use Social Media More Effectively

Both PR and advertising agencies see increased revenues from social media campaigns in their future. For now, both types of agencies give public relations the upper hand when it comes to making social media effective. Full Article

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You are about to deliver a presentation on your latest flash of digital marketing genius.

You can:

  1. Support your idea with data and analysis.
  2. Pitch from the seat of your pants.
  3. Hope no one notices you don't have a real case.
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March 24, 2011, New York, NY
eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey will present the latest data around mobile and tablet trends.
March 31, 2011, Las Vegas, NV
eMarketer principal analyst Noah Elkin will be presenting the latest mobile marketing trends.

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