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An Idiot Abroad

All New Episodes Saturdays at 10PM E/P
Ricky and longtime friend Stephen Merchant send their uncultured colleague, Karl Pilkington, to visit the 7 Wonders of the World. Will it open his eyes or will he hate every second? Check out the show The Huffington Post calls "Our favorite new thing in the world."
Contest: Win prizes if you can tell us "What Would Karl Say?"

Photos & Quotes

Video: Haggling in Cairo

When Earth Erupts

All New Episodes Tuesdays at 10PM E/P
Explore how the earth's titanic battles between tectonic plates, glaciers and seismic forces have shaped not just the planet, but the entire history of humankind.
Top 10 Biggest Volcanoes in History

Video: Ring of Fire on the Western Pacific Rim

Ingenious Minds

All New Episodes Thursdays at 10PM E/P
Enter the lives of savants: individuals who possess an extraordinary ability in areas such as art, music and mathematics, while also suffering from intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Top 10 Giant Brains

Build Your Brain With Tricky Word Puzzles

Video: Brain Scan of a Savant


An Idiot Abroad: Wrestling 101

Can purple spandex and a glitter mask help Karl Pilkington hold his own against a professional wrestler known as "The Shocker"?

Coming Up


Premieres Sunday, March 6 at 8PM E/P
Followed By New Episodes Every Sunday at 10 P/M
From the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, sci-fi western Firefly has landed at the Science Channel. Through episode commentary from Dr. Michio Kaku, renowned astrophysicist and star of Sci-Fi Science, Firefly fans can learn the science fact behind the science fiction of this sci-fi cult favorite.

Top Ten: Hot Alien Chicks

Puzzles: Space Jam

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Sweepstakes: Win a Trip Abroad

The winner will choose from six totally amazing, totally adventurous trips abroad!

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Good Idea?

Giant Ant Farms -- With Giant Ants In Them?

Gene Hacking to Increase Intelligence?


Power Planets
Will you build a strong planet, or a withering junk heap?

Who Wants To Live A Million Years?
Play our all-time most popular game, Darwin's Evolution!

Ten Questions

Viewer Q&A with Dr. Michio Kaku
The Sci Fi Science host, author, and physicist answers your questions.

Invention Nation
Viewer questions answered, from where to buy micro-hydro-generators to how to go solar, and more.

Top Tens

Eureka Moments
When inspiration struck like a bolt out of the blue.

Useless Organs
Mother Nature endowed us with some real ha-has.


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