Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

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Find Hidden Riches with Planet Green on TV

Uncover Treasures from the Deep

Set sail with Odyssey Marine Exploration, a company that recovers sunken treasure. This week, the Odyssey Explorer crew turns its sights on cargo that can easily be turned to coin. A modern container wreck spews hundreds of sealed champagne bottles across the sea floor. Could this be a lost shipment of rare and valuable wine? Catch the hunt for riches Saturday at 10 pm on Planet Green.

Now, See 100 Precious Destinations that are Disappearing (Video)

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Underwater Installation of 400 Life-Size Sculptures (Slideshow)
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Coral, Lifeblood of the Ocean (Slideshow)
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Photographer Gets Within Inches of Whales (Slideshow)

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Dolphins, Magnificent Mammals (Slideshow)
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Wondrous Sea Turtles (Slideshow)
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Beautiful and Mysterious World of Seaweed (Slideshow)

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