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Majon International

Hello Berita Utama blogger:
Marketing Tip of the Day:
Redirected domain traffic will almost always get better conversions than popunder traffic.

As a member of the Ligginit Site we have recently sent you information on a great web traffic building package that consists of some of our most popular and PROVEN successful internet marketing services.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could also, just specify how much TARGETED traffic you wanted to receive each month? ... Then just see the SALES RESULTS added into your online business!

Well, now you can! ... with the proven successful CLICK EXPOSURE service!

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Just tell us how many visitors you want to receive each month and we'll send you this amount or MORE within a month -- GUARANTEED!

The CLICK EXPOSURE service also allows you to tell us what targeted interest & category level the visitors coming to your site should have. For instance, if you run a website selling vacation packages, we will only send you visitors who are interested in 'Traveling'.

But there are many more categories and niches of available traffic than just something simple like that! As a matter of fact we have OVER 150 categories of targeted and niche traffic for you to choose!

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We've recently upgraded and enhanced our CLICK EXPOSURE service to send our clients even better, more quality targeted traffic than ever!

Berita Utama blogger you could be receiving targeted English speaking visitors from the USA, Canada, UK and more ... all of whom are interested in what you have to offer - at they time they are interested in it!

These are all real people and real traffic and no one is ever paid to visit your site! These visitors are looking for something on the web, exactly like what you may be selling ... and we simply redirect them to your site at the time they are interested in making a purchase! What could be better!

Find the categories that apply to your business and use the clickexposure service each month. The best part with clickexposure is you'll know exactly how many visitors you'll receive. You'll even be able to track all your stats and see the geo location ip's of where your web traffic is coming from.

That's what the CLICK EXPOSURE services is all about. You choose the amount of targeted visitors you want and the category of targeted visitors you need and we do the rest.


"I would like to thank you for your services... After many months of searching and trying several other different companies marketing tools to bring traffic to my web site, the responses were very low. Then I started to use Majon and we immediately experienced increased SALES! Let me tell you that it worked out NICE & QUICK! ... The visitors to my website started increasing at a high speed and it is still growing more every day thanks to you. I am your grateful customer!"
Fernando Villaveces Lughan Industries

Visit our targeted category page at: http://www.majon.net/targeted_categories.html

Find the categories that apply to your web site business now! I strongly encourage you to give the CLICK EXPOSURE service a try today! Of course, if you have any questions about further developing a marketing strategy please feel free to contact us using our contact form at: http://www.majon.net or give us a call at: 805-270-5585.


Tom Harris

Majon International
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phone: (805) 270-5585
main site: http://www.majon.net

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