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See the Impact of a Fast Food Nation

In the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, director Morgan Spurlock takes a hilarious and often terrifying look at the effects of fast food on the human body, using himself as the proverbial guinea pig. Watch as for one month Spurlock eats nothing but McDonald's, ordering everything on the menu and "supersizing" his order whenever asked. Don't miss the results of his personal experiment in Super Size Me, tonight at 9 pm on Planet Green. Catch a sneak preview here.

Instead of greasy fast food options, try these 25 Take-Out Foods You Can Make at Home for Cheaper. Forget the phone, make it yourself! Your meal will be healthier and will cost less, too. For more inspiration, try these delicious, gourmet homemade take-out options.

Now, See Emeril Whip Up Delicious Alternatives to Fast Food (Video)

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