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Majon International

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According to a survey by "Netcraft Web Server" there were about 182 MILLION distinct websites online - way back in 2008! Imagine how many more there are now!

And guess what almost ALL of these sites want & need more than anything..... BACKLINKS!

Why should you care? Well if you have a website and want a steady stream of READY-TO-BUY VISITORS, then you'll definitely want to sit up and pay attention when someone mentions the word "backlinks!" High quality backlinks will be the BACKBONE of your website promotions because they increase your site's VALUE in the eyes of Google as well as boost targeted traffic to your business.

But not just any backlink will do....

Majon International has designed a marketing service to help you IMMEDIATELY receive high quality backlinks to your site. We've been around long enough to know that not just any backlink will do.

We have two words for you: MALL LINK

What's that you say? Receive QUALITY LINKS TO YOUR SITE from reputable, authority websites... the kind of links that Google LOVES! For example Majon is an authority site, a well established Internet marketing firm that Google regards quite highly in rankings. You'll receive immediate links from our site and other quality web sites all across the Web PLUS your site will be found from thousands of online shopping mall sites from the category that fits your business.

These are "do follow" links from about 20 or so key sites that provide HIGHLY TARGETED links for your products/services... this is not to mention the web traffic that will also find your site from the other thousands of online shopping sites in our network.

On another note... You'll may even notice that thousands of site owners are busy seeking "reciprocal links" every day.... we get emails from some of these all the time and you probably do too. But you should know that - Mall Link - offers a much better way to get quality links - MUCH BETTER THAN RECIPROCAL LINKING!

Check out the Mall Link service today to learn how you can start getting thousands of targeted visitors and have dozens of high quality backlinks today....


Start today and get 10,000 TARGETED VISITORS within your first month of using Mall Link. Yep! You can expect at least 10,000 NEW VISITORS arriving at your website the first month! Go here to learn more more now.....


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Tom Harris
Majon International - http://www.majon.net

P.O. Box 880, Arroyo Grande, CA 93421
Phone: 805-270-5585

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