Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

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New WordPress Plugin for the SEO Engine

Offer your Website visitors a FREE Website Analysis from a real Search Engine.

Official WordPress Plugin Page: FREE SEO Engine WordPress Plugin

Description: This advanced SEO software plug-in allows you to quickly and easily add a feature that offers your visitors a FREE Website Analysis from a real Search Engine. The SEO Engine is a new type of Transparent Search Engine that allows users to see, in "real-time", how a Search Engine is scoring and evaluating each and every Webpage and Link inside a Website. For the first time, users can control their very own Search Engine. They can make changes to their Website, and instantly see the changes by instructing the SEO Engine to re-crawl and re-analyze their Website -- months in advance of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

How Does this Search Bar Work?

A visitor to your blog enters their Website into the Search Bar. The visitor is taken to the SEO Engine interface which gives them a FREE analysis of their Website.

Can I make money off of this Plugin?

Yes. If someone signs up for an SEOPass, you can receive 15% commissions. Visit our SEO Engine Affiliate Program for more information.

Additional Features of The SEO Engine:

  • Reverse engineer competitor's Websites -- find out how your competitors are ranking high on Search Engines, and copy their strategy!
  • Monitor your Website -- choose any metric inside the SEO Engine, and create SEO Engine Rules which notify you when that rule is triggered.
  • Check the value of your Links -- the SEO Engine calculates the true value of each Link, showing you which ones are the most important.
  • Generate Leads -- "white-label" the SEO Engine interface and turn the Search Engine into your very own, advertising your services.
  • Plus much more...


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