Rabu, 23 Februari 2011


Today i will show you how to get your own PR4+ back links, free. No
more paid links, it's time to spend your time and money wisely.

You can search on Google for blogs (edu blogs are the best catches)
with phrases like this (or variations) :

site:.edu +"powered by WordPress" -"Comments are closed" +"your
keywords" (more search examples at the end of the email)

But you can't tell if the blogs are do follow, or what page rank do
they have, if they have approved comments or not. You can try to
comment on them manually but it's more a 0.001% lucky chance to get an
approved comment on a high pr page.

Here is how i get around 5-10 PR4+ back links every day for around 30
minutes of work (considering the costs of purchasing this kind of
links well worth the time).

Every morning i open my blog finder and commenting software, i put a
search string like the ones above, i set page rank check speed to
friendly, press the start button, minimize the program to try and
forget about it (program is low on resources demand so it can be let
to run minimized to tray).


This takes 1-2 minutes. After 4-5 hours i open the blog finder and
sort by page rank. Usually 95% of the blogs are no follow but at least
10-20 are dofollow. I personally comment on no follow blogs because i
think that no follow from a PR5 is worth 100 PR0 do follow links. But
you can ignore no follow and focus on the do follow blogs.

I start to post comments (not spam, comments related to the blog
post), usually 1 minute to fast read and compose a good comment. I
comment on 25-30 blogs in around 20 minutes (i'm fast). After 1 week i
check the commenting session (my blog finder tracks what i commented
and check status).

Usually from 30 comments i get 5-10 approved comments. Do you still
want to pay for featured links in directories subpages with N/A as
page rank ?

Here is my blog finder and commenter :


Very Important Hints : a) sort results in blog finder by last comment
date and exclude blogs with 0 comments, greatly improve your results.
b) test more search phrases c) let the program run at least 3-4 hours
before starting the commenting session. d) use longer key phrases.
Test it a lot, after some tweaks of your searches you will get great

If you already have my blog finder and commenting software you can
improve your techniques when you are using it :)

Here are some examples :

site:.edu +"powered by WordPress" -"Comments are closed" +"your
keywords" +"recent comments" - has recent comments widget , great for
sitewide links

Replace .edu with .com for even more results, avoid info domains as
they are usually worthless.

site:.edu blog -"Comments are closed" +"your keywords"
(optional)+"recent comments"

Have fun and stop paying for worthless links!

MX Link Team

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