Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

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Twitter finally revealed it's secret stats, announcing that there are now 106 MILLION TWITTER USERS as of 2010!

And the great thing for your business is......with Majon International's affordable and effective tweet advertising, you can reach 425,000 of those users without lifting a finger!

What Can Twitter Social Advertising Do for You?

Twitter provides an easy way to communicate and send regular updates to friends, family and consumers. These updates are called "Tweets." At Majon, we've been tapping into this amazing social market for some time now, and now we want to SHARE OUR HUGE TWITTER FOLLOWING with you.

Sure, you could spend months or EVEN YEARS building a large following on Twitter.... which isn't a bad idea. But here at Majon International we have already built a loyal following just for you - a following of more than 425,000 Twitter users!

Our Tweet advertising service allows you to send 2 URLs and 2 tweets every month to our huge following of over 425,000 ACTIVE Twitter followers! You can easily track your clicks and watch your SALES GROW.

Social advertising shouldn't be your LAST METHOD of promotions; it should be one of your MAIN AVENUES of gaining website traffic and sales! Businesses that are growing are the ones that are using SOCIAL ADVERTISING to reach their customers.

Click below to read how tweet advertising with Majon International can help you grow your business...

It's now easier than ever to REACH HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of potential customers using the magic of social networking through our tweet marketing service. Go here to try it today:

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