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for Sunday, March 13, 2011

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Keys to long life? Not what you might expect (March 12, 2011) -- Cheer up. Stop worrying. Don't work so hard. Good advice for a long life? In a groundbreaking study of personality as a predictor of longevity, researchers found just the opposite. ... > full story

A blood test for lung cancer? (March 12, 2011) -- Researchers have discovered genes that increase not only one's risk of lung cancer, but perhaps one's urge to smoke as well. Now these researchers are working on developing a blood test for lung cancer. ... > full story

Low cost solar cells: New European record in efficiency (March 12, 2011) -- Scientists have developed an improved preparation process for kesterite solar cells, which resulted in a new European record efficiency of 6.1 percent. ... > full story

Pregnancy anemia linked to childhood wheezing and asthma (March 12, 2011) -- Need a reason to take your iron supplements? Iron deficiency during pregnancy may directly impact infant and childhood breathing health according to a new study. ... > full story

Engineer studies damage caused by New Zealand earthquake (March 12, 2011) -- Researchers are just back from studying the damage caused by the Feb. 22 earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand, and killed more than 160 people. In Christchurch, researchers said unreinforced brick masonry buildings built in the 1930s and '40s suffered significant damage. ... > full story

Not actually bad at math or auto repair? Women fear being stereotyped by male service providers (March 12, 2011) -- Women prefer female service providers in situations where they might fall prey to stereotypes about their math and science abilities, according to a new study. ... > full story

Giftedness linked to prenatal exposure of higher levels of testosterone (March 12, 2011) -- A longstanding debate as to whether genius is a byproduct of good genes or good environment has an upstart challenger that may take the discussion in an entirely new direction. One researcher says being bright may be due to an excess level of a natural hormone. ... > full story

Nanoscale whiskers from sea creatures could grow human muscle tissue (March 12, 2011) -- Minute whiskers of nanoscale dimensions taken from sea creatures could hold the key to creating working human muscle tissue, researchers say. ... > full story

Why low birth weight is linked to obesity later in life: Study provides explanation (March 12, 2011) -- Researchers have found that nutritionally deprived newborns are "programmed" to eat more because they develop less neurons in the region of the brain that controls food intake. ... > full story

Surgery without external scars is gaining traction: Organ removal through body’s orifices is minimally invasive approach to surgery (March 12, 2011) -- Innovative minimally invasive procedure called Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) is allowing surgeons to perform organ removal surgery without any visible incisions. Northwestern Medicine physicians were among the first in the US to perform several types of the procedure and are leading the charge in organ removal through the mouth or vagina. ... > full story

Perfect buns: Imaging system controls baking process on production line to improve sandwich bun quality (March 12, 2011) -- Food companies requiring tight control over baking conditions should benefit from a new imaging system that automatically inspects sandwich buns on the production line and adjusts oven temperatures to provide product of consistent quality. A prototype has been in use in a baking facility for a year. ... > full story

Consumer beware: Rejecting an option may make you more likely to choose it later (March 12, 2011) -- People make purchasing decisions by choosing between alternatives or by rejecting certain options. But a new study finds that focusing on ruling out an option can lead consumers to reverse their preferences. ... > full story

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