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Marketing Tip of the Day:
Be original, your business needs it's own, unique internet marketing strategy.

I have emailed you regarding various methods to help promote your website. These included linking in our online shopping malls, getting targeted traffic sent to your site and more.

One method of promotion that is very often over looked is press release distribution . Often grouped in the category of "public relations". Many small business owners believe press release and media exposure is only reserved for large corporations. This is NOT the case! In fact, many small business owners have started taking advantage of our press release distribution services at ADVANCED PR and are getting FANTASTIC results! Take a look:

"Advanced-PR is great! After using your services in February I have been featured on over 150 radio shows some interviews lasting over an hour. In places like New York, Washington D.C., and San Antonio. Also I have been interviewed by the New York Post since using your Advanced PR service. Thanks!"
Randy Welsh
The National Reporter

To see more testimonials visit here:

To find out more about the Advanced PR service and how we can help your business, visit here:


You may be wondering: What is a good press release and how can I get results like the client mentioned above? Well, it is easier than you think!

A press release is NOT simply an advertisement for your products or service. Instead,a press release is a written announcement that says to a journalist "Hey, here's some interesting information you might like to use in a story".

If you have something new or just a new angle or twist on something old, or an announcement to make, or can think of an interesting story angle, then you've got a potential press release to send! Once you have the idea to work with, then it's just a matter of visiting our ADVANCED Press Release Service site and we take care of the rest! Visit at:


We have press & news release writers on staff who will take your idea and turn it into a professional, finely crafted news release which we will then distribute to a targeted, personalized list of media across North America . Or, if you prefer, you can write the press release yourself and then use our online order form to submit it directly for targeted or widespread distribution:


Just one or two news articles in popular newspapers or targeted trade magazines could provide more business for your company than a large advertising campaign. I encourage you to think about this possibility, create a story idea to get attention with the media and then get started quickly and easily using our ADVANCED PR service. We'll do all the work for you and will back it up with our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

I look forward to seeing your company's name and web url in the press!

We GUARANTEE Press Coverage with our Advanced PR service!

Happy Marketing,


Tom Harris
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