Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Hello, beritanarablog!

We'd like to inform you about some exciting new developments with

* And the nominees for US$25,000 are....
* Cash for Comment: Win US$500 on our facebook page
* Party with Freelancer.com for 1 Million Projects and US$20,000!
* Freemarket: List your services and let work the come to you!
* 3 new exams to highlight your skills and abilities!
* Earn more money with our Affiliate Program


And the nominees for US$25,000 are....

Several amazing entries from the Freelancer.com community made the
"Expose Our Logo" competition our most successful ever, and one of 5
finalists will soon have 25,000 reasons (and dollars) to be the happiest
freelancer in the world! To view their highly creative and entertaining
videos, click the link under each finalist's name below.

And the Nominees are:

Miguel Bahia from Spain got his family and a cast of impersonators,
including footballer Ronaldinho, The Joker, Charlie Chaplin and
the fans of FC Barcelona to give the Freelancer.com the celebrity
seal of approval. Ole!!

Dan Walker from the UK got rapper Rob Hustle and a cast of hundreds to
represent Freelancer.com all over the world, from the streets of America
to Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and many others, and had us all nodding
our heads in approval! Rob's beats helped too!

Jess Wu from Taiwan created a post-Chinese New Year video that blends
Eastern and Western cultures with humour, business acumen and serious
origami skills! Happy Chinese New Year!

Anwar Hossain from Bangladesh demonstrates "people power" by bringing
traffic to a halt in Rajshahi with an army of Freelancer.com t-shirt
wearing, banner carrying fanatics. The locals couldn't stop staring at
the logos!

Judson Cabalatungan (Philippines) has serious negotiating skills! He
convinced a local college to project the Freelancer.com logo on its
auditorium wall, inspiring the next generation of Filipino freelancers!
He then repeated the feat at a football and basketball match. That's a
hat-trick of slam dunks!


Cash for Comment: Win US$500 on our Facebook page!

We love our competitions, but we also love rewarding Freelancer.com
community members who engage with us and each other through our Facebook

That's why we're giving US$500 to someone, chosen at random, who
comments on the WINNING video for the "Expose Our Logo" competition on
our Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/fansoffreelancer.

There are 5 awesome videos to choose from, and to maximise your
chances of winning the US$500, watch and comment on them all!

If you already have, you could be sitting on US$500! It's THAT EASY!

If not, time's running out fast! To enter, just "Like" our Facebook
page, http://www.facebook.com/fansoffreelancer, watch the videos and
leave your comments.

There's 500 good reasons you should!


Party with Freelancer.com in celebrating One Million Projects and win
US$20,000 in cash prizes!

To prove we REALLY LOVE COMPETITIONS, how about the chance to win up
to US$20,000 in cash for having a party?

Well, as part of our One Million Projects celebration, we are inviting
you to do just that!

Start planning your party now! You've got TWO WEEKS to do it, which
could earn you up to to US$20,000! Here's how:

Post your party details on Meetup.com and invite everyone you know.
The more the merrier!

Promote the Freelancer.com logo at your party and record a 5-minute
video in high-resolution.

Upload it to YouTube and include the link with your entry using the
online submission form.

We're handing out US$2500 cash prizes for the Best Location, Most
Creative Decorations, Largest Turnout and Most Fun, with the grand prize
of US$10,000 for the Best Overall party.

The contest is open to all registered members on Freelancer.com.
Submissions will open on 25 March and close on 8 April, with
finalists announced on Monday 11 April.

The winners will be announced on Friday 15 April.

For more information, including Submission details, Conditions of
Entry, Rules and other details, visit: http://contest.freelancer.com


Freemarket Services: List your services and let the work come to you!

We've launched an exciting new feature called Freemarket Services,
which lets you advertise your expertise, and lets work find you!

It's a great way to make extra money as a freelancer and is as easy as
describing what you can do, how fast you can do it, and how much for.

Are you an SEO expert? Logo designer? Website developer? How about a
hip-hop jingle writer? Almost anything can be listed on Freemarket

Visit http://www.freelancer.com/marketplace/ and start making more
money now!


3 new exams to highlight your skills and abilities!

The Freelancer.com community is highly skilled and competitive, and
the best way to stay ahead of the pack is with a badge certifying
your skills to potential employers.

You can get a badge by passing a Freelancer.com exam, and there are
exams for just about every skill imaginable! Today, we've got 3 new
ones for you. They are:

Computer Security Level 1
Academic Writing Level 1
UK English Level 1

Passing each exam earns you a special badge, which is displayed next
to your bid. The badge certifies your skill, and clearly sets you
apart from bidders that don't have any badges. It can even be the
difference between getting the job, or not!

To make sure you're certified, find the right exams for your skills
by visiting http://www.freelancer.com/exam/exams/index.php


Earn More Money With Our Affiliate Program

Earn extra money with our Freelancer.com affiliate program. We pay out
thousands of dollars each and every month to affiliates promoting
Freelancer.com. You too can be one of these affiliates and earn 90% of
all fees generated from users you refer for the first three months.

You will be equipped with our new affiliate banners which will help you
to maximize your earnings. For more information and affiliate material
go to:


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