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If you think banner ads are dead -- think again! The psychology of banner ads tells a different story.....

According to the June edition of the Journal of Consumer Research, the latest studies showed that repeated exposure to banner ads can generate a positive feeling towards the brands or products being advertised. In a nutshell, banner ads familiarize consumers with your products similar to TV ads!

In the advertising world, this is called "branding" but Net marketing buffs simply call it effective "banner advertising!" At Majon International, we've put together one of the best banner ad networks on the globe...and it's STILL GROWING!

One KEY FEATURE of our banner ad network is you can geo-target your banner ads to reach your preferred advertising regions. You can also choose from more than 44 TARGETED CATEGORIES of sites where your ad will appear.

Marketing experts recommend that you promote your site using as many banner advertising networks as you can. It's a relatively inexpensive way to BUILD BRAND AWARENESS and bring TARGETED TRAFFIC! Choose only the best networks with SUPERIOR targeting where you can buy clicks, and just like Majon's network, that show over 10,000,000 (that's 10 million!) banners a day!

Click below to start branding your products or company name today with Majon's EFFECTIVE banner network campaign....

Here's what one of our clients had to say about banner advertising:

"Banner advertising is one type of marketing and advertising that I think a lot of people overlook or underestimate. I am glad I don't... your banner advertising network now accounts for almost a third of our total online sales. Thank you so much Majon!"
Ryan J. Hubenthal

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