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Discovery Channel Insider March 7th, 2011 | Welcome rita 
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Dirty Jobs: Dirty DNA
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Dirty Jobs:
Dirty DNA
Tuesday at 9 PM E/P, Mike is joined by his own mom and dad as he takes a look back at the family businesses he has visited over the years.
 Are You Like Mike...on Vacation?
 Video: A Family Rowe-Union
  What's Hot This Week
Sons of Guns

The Rocket Launcher, Wednesday at
9:30 PM E/P

 View and Vote: Your Favorite Guns   
 Top 10 Combat Rifles   
American Treasures

Big Easy Legends, Tuesday at 10 PM E/P

 Meet the Team!   
 Video: American Treasures Highlights   
Video Spotlight:
Man vs. Wild: Borneo Jungle

Thursday at 9 PM E/P, after rappelling into the forbidding Borneo jungle Bear Grylls must descend soaking wet cliffs, battle snakes and leeches and deal with torrential rain to survive here.

 Bear's Top 10 Memories from Cape Wrath, Scotland   
 Top 20 Gross Eats   

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Top 10 Ways to Stop an Asteroid
Cats Adore, Manipulate Women
 Video News
 Video News
Sharks Can Zero in on Targets 31 Miles Away
Top 5 Volcano Money Shots
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North America's Lake Monsters
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Why Speed Dating Rarely Works
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Spring Has Sprung...Or Has It?
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Where Do Internet Memes Come From?
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Discovery Communications Launches Social Media-fueled Discovery Channel App for iPad

The Discovery Channel App for iPad brings fans greater access to their favorite programs and real-life characters with a collection of video clips from the network's new hit series as well as longtime fan- favorite signature series. Fans can check in via the "I'm Watching" button to let their friends on Facebook and Twitter know what they are watching, all while getting the latest social media updates from Discovery and participating in conversations with fellow fans.

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Mission Planet: Planet Earth

In this immersive game, you play executive producer of Planet Earth and manage seven film crews across the globe to acquire never-before- seen footage.
Man vs. Wild: The Game

Do you have what it takes to find your way back to civilization?
Picks and Pet Peeves: Mike Rowe's Top 10 Lists

He's got a lot to say. And, we're all listening! Tell us more, Mike! Get his latest Top Ten list right here.
  Discovery Store
Own Life on DVD. The epic television series LIFE is the definitive exploration of our planet's living things and their spectacular, bizarre and fascinating behaviors.
Own the EXCLUSIVE version of Sarah Palin's Alaska!

Check out the new American Chopper DVD and gear!


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