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If you've been wondering how top bloggers really promote their websites....then we have the answer!

Blog promotions are very similar to website promotions. But the good news is blogs (even brand new ones) are often favored by Google due to their "news" type nature. Blogs that are continuously being updated and that have relevant content to the blog theme DO OFTEN GET LISTED QUICKLY in their relevant search results!

With Majon International's effective Blog Marketing Service, we provide you with TWO BLOGS OF YOUR OWN that are directly related to your website and products/services. The blogs will be maintained and promoted by us, so you won't have to spend hours each day keeping up and promoting your blog!

How do we promote your two blogs? We drive traffic to your blogs, and thus to your website, using multiple PROVEN MARKETING METHODS! These include blog pinging to top directories and search engines (for every new post), promotions to TOP RSS FEED DIRECTORIES and social bookmarking. We write your blog posts and include up to THREE BACKLINKS to your main website with every single post!

With blog marketing, your main website will start to see spillover traffic from your blog visitors...who are likely VERY EAGER to learn more about your products/services when they arrive at your site from a blog. That's two blogs being CONSISTENTLY PROMOTED AND UPDATED at an affordable price!

So if you're ready to start BUILDING SOLID WEB TRAFFIC to your site with professionally maintained and promoted blogs, click the link below:

Read below what one of our customers has to say about blog marketing....

"This is one service that REALLY, REALLY helps us with our internet marketing efforts! We currently rank # 2 in Yahoo for the popular high-traffic term - website samples - Our high ranking search engine positions are a result of the power of blog marketing and promotion from Majon! Quite simply, it is among the best money we have ever spent for marketing and advertising. Thank you so much Majon!"
Robert Fuess

You've probably heard about the POWER OF BLOG MARKETING for quite a while it's time to do something about it. Go here to start taking advantage of the BLOG CRAZE today:

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