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Hello, beritanarablog!

We'd like to inform you about some exciting new developments
with Freelancer.com:

* Competition Extended - Expose our Logo Anywhere in the World
for US$25,000!!!
* Rated and Unrated Users can now bid on Trial Projects!
* New Exams to help you win Projects!
* Freelancer.com Surpasses 900,000 Projects!
* Freelancer.com Documentary Team Needs Indian Freelancer Case Studies!



The rules have just been modified, the entry date extended, and now
an even BIGGER prize up for grabs! That's right, we have jackpotted
all of the prizes into one major prize of US$25,000!!! The winner will
be announced on 11 March 2011.

Our judges feel there has been some confusion with the previous
competition rules and as such this has affected the quality of the

We want to make it easier for our users across the globe to participate
and you will be excited to hear that you can now promote Freelancer.com
from anywhere in the world to ANYONE in the world. Promote not just to
Australians but to people from Brazil to Bangladesh as well!

The choice is now yours!

Last year's entries were truly amazing and we know you can do even
better this year! We want you to raise the bar and really impress us!

To see an example of our expectations, check out a few of the judge's
favourites from last year's competition:

Epic Exposure National Tour! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwLqp5MMzWA

Freelancer Projections! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx2nKbtm4e0

Freelancer tours Las Vegas! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvAf0pjwxjM

Submissions now close March 3, 2011 (Midnight EDT), the 3 finalists announced
on the 7th March and the $25,000 prize winner will be announced on the
11th March 2011. There will be no further extensions!

Existing entries already submitted will remain in the running for the
US$25,000 prize.

All future submissions must use the "Freelancer.com" version of the logo.
Entry must be via youtube link, uploaded to the contest site.
You can get high resolution versions of our logo here:


For additional details head to our competition page at:



Rated and Unrated Users can now bid on Trial Projects!

Because we want our new users to have the best experience possible on
Freelancer.com, we've changed it so that all Freelancers, whether they
are Rated or Unrated are able to bid on new Trial projects. We've also
disabled the Trial icon so there's no confusion for long time members
about what projects they can bid on.

Happy Bidding!


More Exams to help you win projects!

Everybody knows that having the proven skills in a specific project
is exactly what employers look for when awarding a project.

We are happy to offer you exams in a number of new areas including:

* Adobe Flex;
* Blackberry Development;
* Cocoa Programming; and
* Delphi Programming

So get testing quickly! Those that have the insignia before anyone
else will have that special bidding edge!


Freelancer.com Surpasses 900,000 Projects!

Is there anything our Freelancers can't do?! We would like to say
a huge congratulations to all of our members today as we pass the
900,000 projects mark.

If it wasn't for the dedicated members of our site, we wouldn't be
able to help millions of people worldwide to get their projects done.

Well done to all of our super talented Freelancers. Keep up the good work!

Leave us a quote to let us know how Freelancer has impacted your life at:


Are you in India? Freelancer.com Documentary Team Needs Indian Case Studies!

Are you a Freelancer or an Employer in India? This is your opportunity
to become an international superstar!!!!

Our documentary team will shortly be travelling the globe looking for
exceptional stories. Do you have a story of success, something hilarious
or even heart warming? If you think you your experience on Freelancer.com
is something that the world would love to see contact us immediately!

Not only will your appearance in the documentary make you and your company
famous but it is bound to be good for your future working on our site!

We will include your name and username in the credits along with a special
documentary insignia for your profile.

What are you waiting for? Email documentary@freelancer.com now with your
special stories of personal experience!


That's it for now

Matt Barrie

Chief Executive
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