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December 20, 2010
Word-of-Mouth Has Greatest Effect on Moms
Moms are a prime target of brand marketers, who know they do the most to spread the word about products in conversations online and off. Those conversations also have a greater effect on them. Full Article

eMarketer Whitepaper: Optimizing
the Ecommerce Experience; Trends
for 2011
As ecommerce evolves and online sellers vie for customer dollars and loyalty, optimizing the customer experience is a priority. Learn how top ecommerce innovators are effectively crossing channels and measuring their success with social, mobile, video and more. Download today.

How Travelers Use Social Media
Whether it is pre-trip research and reservations or posting photos on Facebook after they've returned home, consumers are using social media for every stage of the travel experience. Full Article

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You can:
  1. Support your brilliant idea with hard data and analysis.
  2. Pitch from the seat of your pants.
  3. Hope no one notices you don't have a real business case.
  4. Not attend your own presentation.
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German Media Conference
January 17, 2011
eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey will be presenting a session on "What Germany Can Learn from Global Trends in Brand Measurement and Online Marketing"

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