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Marketing Tip of the Day:
Links that do NOT have "nofollow" tags in them are links that the search engines WILL spider and count for backlinking purposes.

I was just following up on the email I sent you recently concerning our exclusive MALL LINK Service. Have you checked it out yet? If not, let me ask you a question... with all your previous marketing efforts -  "Are you getting the web traffic you expected?"

Judging from our experience in this area, your answer will probably be "NO!". Submitting your site to some search engines and building a few links here and there is a valuable "first-step", but it often doesn't provide near the traffic necessary to make an online business profitable.

This is why our MALL LINK Service is so important!

By taking advantage of the MALL LINK Service your website gets valuable links AND it also puts your web site right where the consumers and buyers are at!

Additionally, your website's title and text description are linked into the "Marketplace" of thousands of online shopping malls! Each website mall is maintained by an individual company or affiliate, these are real people who are enticed by generous commissions to promote their online shopping mall sites.

Additionally, our online shopping mall sites are automatically, expertly optimized for the search engines and have very high rankings across thousands of important keywords in the world's best search engines. These shopping sites also have tons of great and constantly updated web content centered around each shopping site theme. These shopping sites include useful links, web 2.0 videos and more! Consumers and users love them! 

With Mall Link.... Your website can be found from every one of these online shopping mall sites, and with many different forms of promotions going on, this gives you the power of an "army" of internet marketers promoting your website!

Also, another important bonus! More shopping mall sites are being built everyday which further increases your web sites exposure! Your site will be added to all the existing shopping mall sites as well as all the new shopping mall sites as long as you remain with the service.  

Our Mall Link Service will provide YOU thousands & thousands of new doorways and portals where buyers and shoppers can find your web site!

"I wish I had tried your services a year ago. I had paid to be listed on the internet elsewhere, but had never seen my site on the first page of any search listings. That was - until I signed up for your monthly Mall Linking listing service! Great job! My traffic has quadrupled in the last three months!"
Daryl Conklin
Excell Fast

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In my previous email I made a special offer to you. In order to further show you the quality and benefit of our service, I am prepared to extend this offer for one more week. The offer:

Take advantage of the MALL LINK Service and you will receive a minimum of at least an extra 10,000 web site visitors absolutely free! This extra traffic can generate more sales for your web site right away! Get a nice increase in traffic, while greatly increasing your "site popularity" & "link relevancy" (Remember, these are important factors in determining your search engine ranking and postions. Most Mall Link customers report a very nice boost in their search engine positions!) You can get all this just by ordering the Mall Link Service right now! When ordering, simply type "Free extra 10,000 visitors" in the 'special comments' field of the order form.
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"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your Mall Link service. I spent thousands of dollars on other advertising but it never paid for itself in less than two weeks the way your Mall Link service did. I have been recommending this service to other people looking for a way to increase their hits without breaking their bank account. This is a great deal!"
Barry Shultz
Atlas Copy

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BERITA, we look forward to working with you and your company! Please feel free to call us at 805-528-2100 if you have any questions.

Happy Marketing,


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