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Letter from the Editor

Since our launch in 1999, millions and millions of people have joined SPACE.com on a journey to the great beyond as we report live on launches, bring you 24/7 coverage of spacewalks and robotic missions, describe discoveries from astronomy conferences, chronicle the developing private space revolution, and share in the excitement of meteor showers, eclipses and other skywatching events.

We're a bunch of space geeks and science enthusiasts, and we've been having a blast. Now we're going to kick this whole mission into high gear.

Over the past year, we've hired additional reporters and support staff and expanded our coverage of the changes at NASA, the future of commercial spaceflight, military space, astronomy and science, and what's up in the night sky. More people than ever are visiting the site - 5 million in December alone.

And we've been listening to you. We know you want bigger pictures and more of them, broader coverage and more analysis. And we hear loud and clear that many of you want to be more involved in the conversation.

So we've redesigned the site with all this in mind. We sought formal input from a handful of longtime participants in the SPACE.com community and factored in the many requests that have rolled in over the years. We're extremely excited about the new features, improved navigation, and the overall new look. Additional features will roll out in coming weeks as we devote ongoing resources (IT and design people) to continue improving the site's look and functionality as our reporting also expands.

Here's a snapshot of what you can expect »

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