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The holiday travel season has arrived. Here are a few tips to keep you sane, healthy, fed and smiling during a stressful time of year as well as a few can't-be-missed attractions on America's most well-known highway.

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Go on a Roadtrip in Photos

The Weird, Odd and Bizarre on America's Most Famed Highway

You might have some quirky stops on your travel itinerary, but those on Route 66 are in a class of their own. The Main Street of America, "The Mother Road", aka Route 66 is the 1st national all-weather highway in the U.S. and is deeply rooted in American psyche as a symbol of freedom and mobility. With its history comes some strange sites. Here are the oddest roadside attractions on the country's frequently traveled highway.

Explore the Quirky Roadside Attractions

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