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Don't miss recipes that will keep you lighter and your wallet heavier this January. Bon appetit! Then, from restaurants in the clouds to gardening in frozen temperatures, check out food's extremes.

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Start 2011 Off Right

31 New Recipes for January

We all know the the indulgences of November and December must be paid for in January. Whether it is extra weight you need to take off from eating party foods, or extra money you need to pay for all the gifts you bought, you can manage a lot of it by choosing the right things to cook and eat this month. Here are some recipes that focus on healthy, nutritious food that won't break your bank.

Healthy, Delicious, Cheap Recipes for the New Year

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Top 6 Intoxicating, High-Altitude Restaurants Around the World
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Crazy Eats: A $165 Million Fruitcake
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6 Wackiest Ways America Battled the Bulge Last Year

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6 of the Most Dangerous, Health Hazard Foods of 2010
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Hot Sauce to Lose Weight, Really?
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Winter Gardening: Crops You Can Grow Even In Extreme Conditions

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