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Having a "Green Wedding" doesn't mean it won't be elegant. Beginning your new life together as a Green couple is a great opportunity to have a beautiful wedding that's environmentally conscious at the same time. Green Weddings are gorgeous and often more creative than traditional weddings. Below are a few ideas that can create a fabulous green wedding:


Choose an eco-friendly venue. Outdoor venues are favorable, as you don't need added décor or flowers with nature's beauty surrounding you. Also try to select a venue close to home. Guests will have to travel less, using less energy and fuel.


For the bride, consider wearing a vintage wedding dress, or altering a family member's dress. For the groom, rent your formalwear or wear something you already own.


Choose digital invitations over paper invitations. If you send them out the old fashioned way, find some made with recycled paper.


Opt for a candlelit (palm or beeswax) dinner to conserve energy. Another option would be to have an afternoon reception, where you are taking advantage of natural light from the sun.


Hire a gourmet caterer who uses organic & local products. Have them prepare only what will be needed for the event. If there are leftovers, ask the caterer if the food can be donated to a local shelter, or at least composted.


Use eco-friendly, reusable products, such as linen napkins & china. You can also use flowers from the ceremony aisle for the reception centerpieces. If available, use locally grown flowers.


In lieu of favors, donate money to a Green charity or give guests herb or vegetable seeds to start their own garden.


Last year Elizabeth Hurley's marriage to Arun Nayar made headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Best Foot Forward, an environmental footprint impact consulting company, reported that the couple's wedding had resulted in producing more than 200 tons of carbon dioxide. How? The wedding celebration lasted two weeks and took place in four cities on two continents. Many of the guests were flown to each location in Lear jets.

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