Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

Planet Green Newsletter

In the spirits of UFO investigations, we've collected some of the most odd and astonishing content from around Planet Green. Check out the weird and cool array, then watch experts try to wrangle the extraterrestrial on UFOs Over Earth.

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Decode the Unbelievable with Planet Green on TV

Investigate UFOs Over Earth

See experts struggle to separate fact from fiction as they travel across the Americas to investigate a UFO sighting, and possible alien abduction, using the tools of science, psychology and law enforcement. Watch the journey Friday at 8 pm and see as UFO photos and videos brings the team face-to-face with potential fraud, half-truths and cover-ups.

Now, Check Out Technology of the Future (Video)

polar bear photo
Polar Bear Swims 426 Miles and Other Staggering Animal Treks
lab photo
Scientists Grow Meat in a Lab: Crazy, Weird and Flatulence-Free
ecology photo
Amazing 'Augmented Ecologies' Blends Plants, Light and Sound (Slideshow)

lion meat photo
Arizona Restaurant Takes Lion Meat Off the Menu
clownfish photo
Top 10 Unbelievable Animals (Video)
cartbike photo
Weird Human-Powered Transport Options (View and Vote)

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