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Hello Berita Utama blogger :
Marketing Tip of the Day:
Relevant keyword text that is found in other peoples links that point to your site is what the search engines use to rank your site.

It has been said that - Content is King.

It is well known that the search engines love both content and links. Websites that provide them are usually rewarded with high rankings.

Internet users also love useful, valuable website content and links and reward the websites that provide them with bookmarks, links and recommendations to friends... and perhaps more importantly, by placing their orders!

Now, I hear you ask:

If content & links are king, then how do I get good content and more links and use them to promote my web site business?

The Answer:

The MALL LINK Yearly Service It is a perfect solution! Our yearly service features a new added bonus which provides a high quality written ARTICLE & distribution along with our regular Mall Linking service!


"Majon International has offered us that advantage necessary to stand out in an over saturated market. Utilizing their Mall Link service has without a doubt increased our traffic and resulted in increased sales. The resulting sales revenue totally justified the investment. We recommend them to any company seeking to get the most out of their marketing dollar and position their company site at the top." Jennifer Lang, CEO JlynneGifts.com

When you order the Mall Link yearly option you get your website found in thousands of online shopping malls attracting online shoppers to your site and boosting your link popularity and link relevancy for ONE FULL YEAR... PLUS you will also get:

A fresh, informative article written ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS and/or PRODUCTS and SERVICES! ... AND High QUALITY WEB LINKS from our "authoritative" marketplace & article site & hundreds of others!!!

An original article is written by one of our professional writers and it contains direct links to your website. This article is also search engine optimized! Once written, your article is submitted to our article directory and to hundreds of other areas where your article will act like a viral marketing tool to grow your online business!

People are free to take this article, share it with friends, place it on their website and distribute it to their email lists. Not only will the article give readers useful information, but it will direct them right to your website and will create hundreds, if not thousands, of extra links all over the internet pointing direct to your web site!

The people who read your articles are generally very targeted traffic & visitors who will love it! The search engines will love it too because it is optimized. Once you start getting hundreds of anxious, ready-to-buy customers and visitors coming to your site via the article you'll love it too!

Our Mall Link service with it's combination of authority links, it's link relevancy and the new content it provides you with, makes it the most comprehensive high quality form of internet marketing linking available, so get started TODAY:


Remember: Content, along WITH Links - ARE King... on the internet!


Tom Harris

Majon International
P.O. Box 880
Arroyo Grande, CA 93421

phone: (805) 270-5585
main site: http://www.majon.net

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