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Hello Berita Utama blogger :
Marketing Tip of the Day:
On-page optimization of your web site is essential, in order to maximize the value of your off-page links that point to your web site.

Have you considered using viral marketing on the internet?

Some of the internet's best success stories have used viral marketing to get incredibly powerful results on the internet. It is a very powerful form of promotion. The idea is that your marketing message is so funny, interesting and/or useful that people will want to post the content article on their web sites and even send it to their clients and friends. These interested people - usually highly targeted people - will in turn see the content article and will want to use that content on their web site as well. This process goes on and on resulting in your website overflowing with targeted traffic and sales orders!

Sounds like a good idea, but how does your business put this power of viral marketing to work?


The MALL LINK Full-Year service with the Article Writing and Submission Service included, gets that job done for you!

"I wish I had tried your services a year ago. I had paid to be listed on the internet elsewhere, but had never seen my site on the first page of any search listings. That was - until I signed up for your monthly Mall Linking listing service! Great job! My traffic has quadrupled in the last three months!"
Daryl Conklin
Excell Fast

The full year MALL LINK service gets your site:

* Found from thousands of online web shopping mall sites

* Professionally written search engine optimized article about your business or product and services

* Article hosted in our article directory and distribution to hundreds of other important article directories

Content articles will be freely available to anyone wishing to post it on their website, send it to their opt-in email list or share it with friends. IMPORTANT! All of these articles will have your direct web site url address and link contained within them! These web visitors, readers, subscribers and/or friends will be able to post the content article on their web site for their visitors thus sending you more and more targeted traffic. As your article is accepted and circulated among webmasters interested in your content article - you receive more circulation, more links and more targeted visitors!

Each time your article is used by another person it will mean more highly relevant links to your site, more targeted interested visitors arriving to your site and ultimately more sales! As the weeks and months go by the effects will continue to grow... This is all handled on your behalf with the Mall Link YEARLY service. Get started today!


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