Kamis, 28 April 2011

Are you in? :) "Royal wedding: the Prince William and Kate Middleton guest list as #opendata" -
Royal wedding: the Prince William and Kate Middleton guest list as ...‎ - BREAKING NEWS: Syrian ambassador off Royal Wedding guest list. Ferrero Rocher deemed "inappropriate" wedding gift. I just saw the guest list and the Royal Wedding will be jam-packed with European nobility. It has more blue blood than a Smurf disaster ... - More »

Excitment mounts as the world counts down to the royal wedding. Wizarding guest list appeared yesterday in the Profit -Scales

Only spurious claim to Royal wedding fame is that I know one of the guests. She has longest name on guest list & her first name is Princess.

The British are squabbling over the politics of the royal wedding guest list. Some noses are bent out of shape because former Labor prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are NOT invited but former Conservative PMs John Major and Margaret Thatcher are (Thatcher declined because of ill heath). Even the Tory-leaning papers were steamed. Especially when the original guest list included invitations to representatives from Libya, Syria, Malawi and Bahrain, where local authorities have been busy putting down recent protests with violence. Human rights activists also have criticized invitations extended to Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Saudi Arabia. The Bahrain invitation was eventually declined, and the Tory government of Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday revoked the invitation to Syria, where some 450 people have been killed in the past month in an uprising against the authoritarian regime of Bashar Assad. As for Blair and Brown, palace officials said that was not a snub but a matter of protocol: Brown and Blair are not Knights of the Garter but Major and Thatcher are. Well, that explains everything.