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As you may know from having an online website, is that a major part of having a profitable internet business is ensuring that your web site business is linked. Having as many permanent website links as you can get is an important and essential element for successful website exposure and it provides your business with a solid marketing strategy.

Did you know, that one of the easiest ways to increase your web linking exposure is through social bookmarking!

Social bookmarking websites include Delicious, Digg, Dropjack, Backflip and many others. The goal of these sites are to provide a place for users to save links to websites they visit frequently or want to share with others. These links are then available for viewing by the public. Users of the social bookmarking websites can then vote on links and a large amount of votes can increase a link’s popularity and traffic on the site.

These links and traffic could be for your website! You are missing out on an increased amount of web traffic and having more permanent web links for your site. Let us help you now!

Why choose Majon International?

Simply put, we are the professionals and we produce results!!!

We have been helping internet business owners meet their goals since 1995! We are the definitive internet marketing specialists and we know how to get the job done in ways that will help you increase your links, traffic and search engine positions!

Discover our Social Bookmarking service, a gateway for your site to receive the links and new customers that you have been searching for. Looking for more details on how social bookmarking can help you? Follow the link below: 

Don’t miss out! Take advantage of our special: 2 URLs linked on 125 popular social bookmarking sites or save even more by having 5 URLs linked on 125 social bookmarking sites.

These are PERMANENT Links to your site!

Invest in your company’s future ... let us help you. 

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