Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

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Newsletter February 9th, 2011
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Cake Boss

Monday at 9/8c, Buddy gets one of his hardest cakes yet - a request for a replica of a toilet that actually flushes! Later, Wendy, owner of the Denim Lounge, is having a baby shower and asks Buddy for an unusual baby shower cake. Then at 9:30/8:30c, Buddy takes the bakery gang fishing to get inspiration for a lean, mean shark cake. Later back at the bakery, Buddy has a surprise for Mauro and Madeline's birthdays.

Share Recipes with Buddy!

10 New Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas

5 Dishes to Impress Your Mate

You may be taking Valentine's Day too seriously if ...

5 Valentine's Day Decorations You Can Make
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William and Kate: Royal Love Story
The Queen
600 Pound Mom
The Man Who Lost His Face

My Strange Addiction
Tonight at 9/8c, Josh enjoys a glass of champagne for the glass's crunchiness. He eats glass, light bulbs and bullets for attention. Meanwhile, Candice believes bleaching her skin will make her more accepted. At 9:30/8:30c, Maureen is obsessed with her make up, wearing it 24/7 and disregarding the damaging effects. Meanwhile, Barbara is fascinated with the "other side", preferring the company of those who have passed on.
Dr. Dow Insights

Police Women of Cincinnati
Thursday at 9/8c, Colleen provides armed cover for U.S. Marshals; Mandy responds to a complaint about a belligerent loiterer; Rose surprises a man as he tries to leave the scene of a break-in; and Tia races to the scene when a woman is allegedly stabbed in the neck.
Police Women of Cincinnati Puzzles

The Unpoppables
Monday at 8/7c, The Balloon Twisters get a taste of Paris as they take on a French Fashion fundraiser. Constructing an 18 ft. high Eiffel Tower and a 6 ft. wine bottle pouring wine into a glass, it all leads up to a Parisian catwalk with original balloon designs by Katie. Then at 8:30/7:30c, here comes the bride, all dressed in balloons?! Addi and his team have been hired to blow up Brandon and Joanne's wedding and make it pop! Will the team help make this the most memorable day of their lives?
Meet the Artists

Kitchen Boss
Buddy Valastro is the Kitchen Boss! Tune in Weekdays @ 5:30pm. Buddy brings viewers into the kitchen, where he shares his family favorite Italian dishes. From his grandmother's secret recipes to simple tips to make a more delicious meal, Buddy cooks everything from pastas and proteins, to sides and everyday desserts that make dinner a family event.
Buddy and Sister Lisa Share Pasta Memories

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