Jumat, 27 Agustus 2010

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Dear rita,
Meet Burt Brock, leader of the uniquely talented "Flip this Site" team of online marketing conversion specialists. They can plow through a site from front-end graphic testing to back-end behavioral targeting with astonishing efficiency and astounding results. Their tool of choice: Adobe conversion products, featuring Omniture technology.
Access your Online Marketing Conversion Toolbox to learn how to capture, retain and convert more site visitors. With some testing here, automated on-site behavioral targeting there, and powerful recommendations and promotions, you can see the kind of results that can help you flip your site to get the most out of every visit:
  • Optimize return on ad spend and campaign performance.
  • Increase productivity through marketing process automation.
  • Achieve better targeting and relevance for online marketing strategies.
Inside your Online Marketing Conversion Toolbox you'll find "Knowing How and What to Test," the "Sharpening Web Site Relevance" Forrester report. Learn what it takes to flip a site and convert more site visitors into customers.
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