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Science Channel
What's On

Sci Fi Science: All New Season!

Premieres Wednesday, September 1
at 10 PM E/P
Your favorite sci-fi physicist, Michio Kaku, is back with all new episodes. From how to become a super-hero, to travelling to parallel universes, Sci Fi science brings the cutting edge technology that could turn science fiction into...science fact.
Real World Sci Fi: From Space Elevators to Invsibility Cloaks

Make Sci Fi Science Social

Get Retro with our Sci Fi Space Race Puzzles

Factory Made

All New Episodes Fridays at 8PM E/P
Ever wonder how the things we need and enjoy in life are created? You might be surprised! Go inside the factories that produce everything from school lockers to acoustic guitars.
Video: Pinball machines, popcorn poppers and more from season two!

Tune In: Don't miss an episode!

How Do They Do It?

All New Episodes Fridays at 10PM E/P
We rarely consider many of the objects that make up the modern world — cruise liners, fire extinguishers, monuments, all types of food, and more. Go behind the scenes to discover how to do the things, and make the things, that form the world we know today.
Video: Silk from worm spit!

Top 10 Underrated Inventions

How do you do it? Submit your ideas!


Alien Life

Is alien life possible? What would aliens look like? How would they communicate?

Coming Up

Mantracker is Back!

Tune in for an all-new season starting Tuesday, October 5 at 10PM E/P
Two people take off into the bush with a map, a compass and a head start. The Mantracker pursues them on horseback, armed with a local guide and an arsenal of forensic skills. How the human "prey" escape...is up to them.
Casting Call: Think you have what it takes to beat the Mantracker?

Video: Will you get lost, survive a close call, or get busted by the Tracker?

Quiz: Do you have what it takes to track a human being?

Staff Pick

Head Rush

Weekdays at 4PM E/P and Saturdays from
7-9 AM E/P
Join us for our brand new hour of wild experiments and bizarre science trivia, hosted by MythBuster's Kari Byron. No commercials, just crazy fun science!
Play the Head Rush Game! Join the Head Rush Trivia Tournament and challenge your friends to the ultimate online science game. Can you hack it?

Behind the Scenes: Check out the extraordinary, ridiculous, and outright weird stuff going on in Kari's lab.

DIY Science: Make a tornado in a jar, power a light bulb with your hair, or shoot a rocket made from diet soda and candy. Get step-by-step instructions for a slew of cool science experiments.

Good Idea?

Can Internet Games Make You Smarter?

Is Big Brother Watching Your House...Leak Energy?


Head Rush!
Creatures. Space. Inventions. Bugs. Natural Disasters. Do you know enough to beat your friends and win the title of tournament champion?

Power Planets
Will you build a strong planet, or a withering junk heap? Play our smash-hit game, and see how your planet stacks up!

Ten Questions

We sat down with some of the great scientific minds alive today, and fired ten questions their way. Their responses will fascinate you. Here are two of our questions to get you started:

Michio Kaku
Is Science Fiction our future reality?

What would you ask Brian Cox?

Top Tens

Top 10 Science SfX
It's sci-fi movies and their crazy special effects. Check out the best!

Top 10 Undersea Vehicles
From remotely operated vehicles to one famous Yellow Submarine, these underwater machines explore some amazing places.


Order Life on DVD or Blu-ray!
From the makers of Planet Earth comes the extraordinary tale of our planet's living things.

MythBusters Season 6 DVD Set
The MythBusters are back for another smashing season of cutting edge science!


Power Planets Game Changers & Game Play Strategies

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