Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

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Mid-winter got you down? Get ready for spring with a few inventive tips to detox and declutter your home and refresh your lifestyle. Then meet a family with one burden they just can't seem to be rid of: ghosts.

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See the Supernatural with Planet Green on TV

Meet an All-American Haunted House

In 1988, the Wyrick family moved into a suburban home outside of Atlanta where they began to be visited by neighbors who had been dead for years. Follow parapsychologists as they attempt to explain the strange aura in the Wyrick home. Could you handle life in a haunted house? Find out: don't miss A Haunting in Georgia tonight at 9 pm on Planet Green.

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7 Surprising Sources of Indoor Air Pollution and How to Eliminate Them

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99 Skills for an Eco-Friendly, DIY Lifestyle
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30 Ways to Detox Your Home and Body
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Best Composting Solutions for Small Spaces (Slideshow)

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