Senin, 07 Februari 2011

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Discovery Channel Insider February 7th, 2011 | Welcome rita 
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Dirty Jobs
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Dirty Jobs
Blueberry Connoisseur
Tune-in on Tuesday at 9 PM E/P as Mike visits the Jelly Belly Candy Company to concoct a dirty boot flavored jelly bean based on his own sweaty, grimy, filthy pair of work boots. Then he travels to Maine to harvest blueberries and joins the "Pie Ladies" in a pie bakeoff.
 NEW! Video: Dirty Jobs Bloopers 5
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  What's Hot This Week
American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior

Fired, TONIGHT at 9 PM E/P

 NEW! Mikey's Art Gallery   
 Junior's Personal Pics   
Desert Car Kings

Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxie, Wednesday at 10 PM E/P

 Desert Car Kings Photos   
 Video: Desert Car Kings Highlights   
Video Spotlight:
Flying Wild Alaska

Friday at 9 PM E/P, In Bethel, construction crews race to finish Era's newest hanger before the unforgiving winter snows arrive. But when Jim flies in to inspect the progress, he is far from happy. In Unk, fierce crosswinds blow John Ponts' tiny 207 all over the sky.

 Bird Strike Baptism   
 Explosives Over Russia   

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Top 10 Materials that Emulate Nature
Uncontacted Amazonian Tribe Spotted in Rare Photos: Big Pics
 Video News
 Video News
Monogamous Animals Have Unattractive Partners
Brain Scan Can Tell if You'll Quit Smoking
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Egypt's Treasures: Assessing the Damage
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Are Tablets Going to Kill the PC?
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World's Largest Known Bear Identified
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Year of the Rabbit or the Year of the Cat?
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  Inside Scoop
Bear is Back!

Get ready for Season 6 of MAN VS. WILD, starting Thursday, February 17 at 9 PM E/P. This season, Bear Grylls tackles snakes, scorpions and the most terrifying vertical drops in Arizona. He'll also be dealing with leeches, jungle canopies and thundering rivers in Borneo -- and that's just the beginning! Bear will also visit Scotland, Norway and a deserted island.

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Storm Chasers Tornado Chase Game

Get behind the wheel of a Storm Chasers machine for a simulated pursuit of a tornado chase!
Craptitude Test: All New Jobs!

Build your own Dirty Jobs business card.
NEW! Gold Rush Alaska Puzzles

Enjoy these Gold Rush Alaska puzzles. Help piece the Alaskan miners back together again!
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