Selasa, 30 November 2010

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We'd like to inform you about some exciting new developments with

* launches
* Freelancer Goes to Town Down Under - Win $US25,000
* New Dispute System
* Love, an iPhone app and a proposal .. a marriage made on
* Get Your Story Out There
* Rapidly Approaching 2 million users!
* Earn More Money with our Affiliate Program

====================================================================== launches on Monday 29th of November 2010

We have some very exciting news and a huge announcement to make: it's official, we've just
launched! This means that UK employers can now post projects and pay their
freelancers using pounds. We will be having a local support team as well as running a dedicated
UK marketing campaign so make sure you look out for us in the news and around town! We will
also be progressively rolling out UK specific features so make sure you stay tuned.

We know a lot of stuff usually happens in the US so we have decided to come to UK and
really make a splash. If you are from the UK make sure you log in, post a project and
refer your friends to

====================================================================== Goes to Town Down Under - Win $US25,000

With US$25,000 of prizes up for grabs and only 3 entries it's never been easier to promote and WIN! Submissions are now open for our Goes To Town Down
Under competition so if you have an idea get working NOW and upload your videos for your chance
to share in our huge prize pool!

We have total prizes worth $US25,000 so we are really excited to see what you guys come up
with. Perhaps you dress yourself top to toe with branding and showcase
yourself at a sporting event watched by Australians, or maybe you want to create a viral internet
video that will be seen by a huge number of Australian viewers.

The US$10,000 grand prize will be awarded to the person who manages to promote to the greatest number of Australians.

In addition to our US$10,000 grand prize, there will also be 3 prizes of US$5,000 for the following

Most Innovative
Most Exposure Online
Most Exposure Offline

We also have US$2,000 and an Apple iPad to give away for the People's Choice of Most
Marketable Video.

So as you can see the prizes are great. Now that we have created our submission page it is
time for you to start promoting


New Dispute System

We are very excited to launch our brand new dispute system. The new system has simplified
the dispute process and made it more transparent. The time it takes to settle a dispute has
also been dramatically shortened. Our new design is intuitive and encourages users to work
through issues first and negotiate to try to reach an amicable resolution. If however an issue
cannot be resolved we offer arbitration for a fee. Our dispute team will then analyze the provided
material and provide a decision – usually within 48 hours.

Click here to learn more about our new dispute system:


Love, an iPhone app and a Proposal .. a Marriage made on

We see more and more weird and wonderful projects being outsourcing on
whether it be someone hiring a call center to buy basketball tickets for him or someone hiring an
architect to draw up plans for a luxury hotel in Barbados. has featured an
amazing project that was completed on our site.

Sahba Idelkhani, from Sydney Australia decided to use Freelancer to build a custom-made app to
propose to his girlfriend. The app would lead her on a nostalgic treasure hunt around Sydney and
led her to the ultimate marriage proposal.

All this was done by a project outsourced on

Click here to read the full story:


Get Your Story Out There is starting an exciting new project and we want to involve you! The
documentary team needs your stories of how affects you, and how you use the website.

We are looking for stories that are anything from heart warming to hilarious, powerful to profitable.
However you use the site, we want to know about it.

The video team will be travelling the world in 2011, and could be coming to meet you.
Anyone who is chosen will be in the first ever documentary and will receive full credits,
along with your user name so people will know where to find you. It's like advertising your special skill
set for free!

All you need to do is write to us at with your story about your life, how
freelancer affects you, how you use freelancer and anything else that you think we'll find interesting.
We'll do the rest.

But that's not all. In true style, we are looking for your skills too! We need motion
graphics people, translators, video editors, musicians, colour graders to collaborate with us for this
project. And the reward for doing this? Not only will you get the opportunity to be part of the very first documentary, but we will provide you with an exclusive limited edition Documentary
Contributor Insignia, AND put your name and username in the video's credits so everyone will see your

So submit your stories or what you can offer to the video and reap the rewards.

We're waiting for YOU!

======================================================================, Rapidly Approaching 2 Million Registered Users

We are very rapidly approaching 2 million registered users and to celebrate this great milestone
we will be announcing something very special so make sure you invite all your friends and get
them to register an account.

We would love to hear your thoughts on when exactly you think we will reach the milestone of
2 million registered users.

Give us your best guess on our facebook page:


Earn More Money With Our Affiliate Program

Earn extra money with our affiliate program. We pay out thousands of dollars
each and every month to affiliates promoting You too can be one of these
affiliates and earn 90% of all fees generated from users you refer for the first three months.
You will be equipped with our new affiliate banners which will help you to maximize your
earnings. For more information and affiliate material go to:


That's it for now

Matt Barrie

Chief Executive
Freelancer.comIf you have any questions or need support, please contact us. We'd be happy to help!
Regards, Support
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