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Take a photo journey through some of the world's most threatened landscapes. Then, travel back to ancient times with Prehistoric to see what life was once like in the US.

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See US Cities in the Prehistoric Era

Mammoths once trampled down Fifth Avenue, sea scorpions were part of the prehistoric freak show on Coney Island, and some of the world's first dinosaurs roamed where the National Mall now stands. Tune in Wednesday at 8 pm to find out just what happened to the nation's prehistoric lifeforms.

Now, See 100 Places to Remember Before They Disappear (Video)

himalayas photo
Himalayas in Danger Due to Tourism (Slideshow)
fish photo
Overfishing and Trawling Drain the Ocean of Life (Slideshow)
monkey photo
Environmental Conservation Crisis: A Travelogue in Photos (Slideshow)

forest photo
Amazing Views Through a Conservation Photographer's Lens (Slideshow)
valley photo
Flathead Wild: Protecting North America's Wildest Valleys (Slideshow)
lake photo
10 Reasons to Save Mary Lake (Slideshow)

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