Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

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Marketing Tip of the Day:
Make sure your social media posts have the right "voice" & speak in a familiar tone to your core customer base

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The beauty of social media is that it gives YOU the direct ability to engage with more people in a quickly growing & very new environment! An environment that can be reaching many new customers for your business!

A recent study showed that top brands that did the best job in engaging in social marketing saw year-over-year revenue increases of 18%, versus brands that did the worst job of engaging in social media saw a decrease of 6% in revenues.

Now your business can get in on the action and experience results like this too:

Another company saw record breaking sales days recently using social marketing - a 68% of sales jump coming from Twitter and a whopping 85% of their new customers were finding them from Twitter.

Services that sell to businesses are also seeing tremendous results with one company reporting that 24% of leads generated through social media convert to sales. These are staggering results to say the least!

But these results aren't just for Fortune 500 companies. They are now available to YOU!

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