Sabtu, 20 November 2010

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Celebrate alternative energy by entering our Solar Backpack Sweepstakes, then uncover the need-to-know scoop on other solar projects. Is the future bright?

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Win a Solar Backpack

Be on the Cutting Edge of Eco-Friendly

We're happy to announce the return of our Solar Backpack Sweepstakes! That's right, we're giving away two solar backpacks a week, no strings attached. Use the bag to charge your laptop, iPod or virtually any electronic device and show off your support of renewable energy. The backpacks are provided by Voltaic and come with batteries to capture energy collected in three solar panels. As another green spin, the bags' fabric is made from recycled soda bottles. Enter each week until January 21 for a new chance to win!

And if you like solar technology, don't miss exclusive video on other incredible inventions.

Enter to Win a High-Tech Backpack

dean photo
See the Future of Sustainability (Video)
solar power photo
Are You a Solar Power Whiz? (Quiz)
solar photo
7 Great Weekend Solar Power Projects

radio photo
DIY Solar Radio for Under $5
renewable photo
How Well Do You Know Renewable Energy? (Quiz)
concept car photo
Will Solar Electric Cars Ever Become Affordable?

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