Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

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Discovery Channel Insider October 25th, 2010 | Welcome rita 
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The Colony: Don't Look Back
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NEW SERIES: Auction Kings
Auction house Gallery 63 and owner Paul Brown take us into the world of the acquisition and sale of unique items. On the premiere, Tuesday at 10 PM E/P, one seller comes in with a softball-sized meteorite, while another brings in a vampire-killing kit from the 1800s. Will they sell for big bucks?
 Meet the Gallery 63 Team
 Tour Gallery 63
  What's Hot This Week
Ghost Lab

Lizzie Borden, Thursday at 10 PM E/P

 Watch a Spooky Sneak Preview   
 Top 10 Most Haunted Places   
Rescued: The Chilean Mine Story

Thursday at 8 PM E/P

 Get the Latest News About the Rescue   
 TIMELINE: Chilean Mine Ordeal   
Video Spotlight:
Storm Chasers

Wednesday at 10 PM E/P, Reed pursues a new force of nature: TV weather reporter Ginger Zee - leaving his teammates out in the cold.

 Reed's 2010 Top Ten Intercepts   
 Why We Chase   

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2012 Mayan 'Doomsday' Date Might Be Wrong
Monkey Directs and Creates Her Own Films
 Video News
 Video News
Oldest Object in Universe Found
The Curveball Illusion: Tricking Our Vision
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'Cloud Phones' Work Like Email
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Miniature Batteries Smaller Than Grains of Salt
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Marijuana Soda Provides a High Without the Smoke
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Neanderthal Children Were Large, Sturdy
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  Inside Scoop
LIVE CHAT: Ghost Lab

Got ghosts? Chat live with Barry and Brad Klinge during Ghost Lab on Thursday night! Visit the Insider Blog for details.

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Halloween Myths Quiz

Do people really hand out apples with razor blades in them?
Costume Gallery

Can you identify these Discovery TV personalities in costume?
Dirty Jobs Quiz

What's it like to work with critters that make your skin crawl?
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Storm Chasers
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